Friday, February 24, 2006

Episode #4

Another month, another 8Bit Mayhem Podcast!
First of all, I want to thank everybody for the compliments and support here in the comments, forums, in other podcasts, on IRC and IRL.
I can tell you this is an enormous motivation to continue with this podcast.

Within a few days, I'll add somesort of FAQ about this podcast, the SID-chip and the Commodore 64.
I hope that will answer some of the questions for the regular and new listeners.
If you have any questions, just mail them to 8bitmayhem{AT}gmail{DOT}com (don't forget to change {AT} and {DOT} into the @ and the . ;-)

Okay, and here we go!
Enjoy it y'all!

Tracklisting Episode #4

Rob Hubbard - I Ball (1987)
Ben Daglish - Hades Nebula (In-game tune) (1987)
Edwin van Santen/20CC - Eternal (1989)
Martin Walker - Dominion (1990)
Mark Clements - Quedex (1990)
Chris Huelsbeck - Ski Dance (1986)
Xayne - Whole R-Mosfets (1990)
Matt Gray - Dominator (Extended 8Bit Mayhem version) (1989)
Intensity - Sweet Alien (2003)

Download the podcast over here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First tune was great,then it took some time to get into it.
But when I listened for the second time,it totally rocked!!
A great selection of songs with seperate styles to each tune,but combined they make for great listening!


Blogger mahtiaivo said...

yeah! great episode!!! love it <3

Anonymous Philippe said...

An excellent choice of tunes !
I seem to have the same taste for C64 music, and I can tell you I look forward to listening to more episodes of your podcast.

Please keep it coming ! Thanks

Anonymous Montaz said...

This podcast features one of my favorite tune of all time: Intensity - Sweet Alien (2003) I can't seem to find it as a separate mp3, so i guess I'll just have to cut it from the podcast.

Thanks again for the awesome sounds, Keep it up !!!

Anonymous Intensity said...

Dear Montaz,

The maintainer of this podcast has delivered your message to me and I am very glad to hear that Sweet Alien is one of your alltime favs.

Dude, here is a surprise :D

I have uploaded different Mp3's of my SID's, kindly provided by Xiny6581, the maintainer of - SIDradio, including the Sweet Alien Mp3.


Have fun, my dear! :D

Best regards,

Arman Behdad

aka Intensity/Onslaught/Dekadence/Cosine/Gheymaid Inc.


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