Saturday, May 06, 2006

Episode #6

Spring is really kicking in here in Holland.
The time of barbeques and sitting outside with a cold beer has arrived.
To make the feast complete, here's episode #6 of the 8Bit Mayhem Podcast!

Also a small note to the (ex-)sceners outthere:
From 13th till the 15th of October SCS+TRC, Xenon and Silicon Ltd. will be organizing X2006.
The X parties have gained their place in C64 history, the X parties are the oldest party to date.
They are a mixture of sceners, from old farts to new school, from coders to crackers coming from all regions of the world.
Also this year Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise has confirmed to do an exclusive live-site.
Link to the X-2006 site

Okay now... go leechin' & listen while I hop outside again to enjoy the weather =)


Lords of Sonics - Birthday (1988)
Softmaster/Union - Illusion (1990)
JCH & MSK/Vibrants - Accident (1990)
PVCF/Reflex - Mathematica (tune 2) (1995)
Steve Rowlands - Retrogade (Selector Tune) (1989)
Roel Bosch/Focus - Head & Hat (1991)
Bappalander/Light - Brutality (tune 4)(1991)
Linus/Triad - 8580 People (2005)
maktone/Fairlight - Dancin'(Axis of Evil) (2005)
Zardax/Origo Dreamline - Llatune (1991)

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Anonymous Sander said...

Thanks Roland! We love you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great episode. Btw where is the subscription link for your podcast?

Blogger Scout said...

Cheers all!

At the bottom-right (scroll down) there is a Feedburner subscription link.
You can add that one to your RSS feeder or Podcast leechprogram.
For the lazy people:


Anonymous bob said...

thanks for another episode, it's really nice of you to put these podcasts together.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well hello there,
I've just started, what I beleive to be, the only chiptune fanlisting on the internet (Please do inform me if I am living a lie here!). I'm just looking to get the word about really.. Exchange links or whatever? Any help on spreading the joy would be great.

Thanks for reading, Scott.


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