Friday, August 18, 2006

Episode #9 - The Party Episode

Hello there and welcome back for a new episode of the 8Bit Mayhem C64 Scene Podcast!

This time I've put together a special party episode.
The last couple of months it has been quite busy party-wize with a lot of cool new releases for the C64.
I made a small selection of tunes used in demos or music compo-entries which competed at Assembly, Primary Star, Big Floppy People, Breakpoint, Maximum Overdose and Arok.

Like always, enjoy!


Monk - Valley of Spirits (#1 @ ASM 2006 Oldschool musiccompo)
Zabutom - WWIII (WWIII/Fairlight, #1 @ BFP 2006 democompo)
Randall - Beats from the Abstract (#2 @ PS 2006 musiccompo)
Ne7 - Electronaut (Electronaut/Triad, #4 @ BFP 2006 democompo)
Vincenzo - Habvero (#1 @ Arok 2006 musiccompo)
Intensity - Redemption 6.4 (#1 @ MO7 musiccompo)
Raveguru - Chili Power 2006 (Chili Power 2006/Instinct, #2 @ MO7 democompo)
Linus - Rohrschach (Rohrschach 90%/TRSi, #1 @ MO7 democompo)
Fanta - All You Know (Is Wrong) (#3 @ BP 2006 C64 musiccompo)
Zabutom - Boten Anna (hidden tune in WWIII/Fairlight)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me liking it so much yes!

Too bad Randall's tune was recorded with the old sid instead of the new one.
Would it be hard to redo that part?????

Anonymous JimQode said...

Great Episode! Yaaaaay!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, so is linus' tune :/ still, great stuff! keep it up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, so is linus' tune ... oh and intensity's one, too :/ still, great stuff! keep it up!

Blogger mahtiaivo said...

your podcast feed is broken dude!

Anonymous Swamp said...

Great new mix! Do you think you can add a redirect link to your new adress on the old one?
And yes the podcast feed seemes to be broken =(


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