Friday, May 25, 2007

Episode #12 - Now in 320kbps!

On public demand, I've started encoding the podcast in 320kbps!

Also the iTunes link is fixed. Updating the podcast from iTunes is possible now. Yay!

I have to edit the XML-file myself though because FeedBurner doesn't support mp3-files hosted on a ftp-server. :-(
This means for the non-iTunes users the FeedBurner RSS-feed is unusable for automatic podcast download. So try to use this RSS-feed instead.

Anyway, thank you all for supporting this podcast!

Here it goes...


Lou Gray - Yakki Da (1988)
Metal - Sayonara (1990)
Jeff - Commodore 64 (2004)
Fanta - Desert Dream Part 2 (2007)
Aleksi Eeben - One For Reed (2006)
Fred Gray - Mutants (1987)
Laxity - Laxace (1987/88)
Orcan - A Demo Bit (1996)
Jammer - Latex Sensations (2004)
Reyn Ouwehand - Dutch Breeze, FLI Scroll part (1991)

Jeroen Tel - Sonic Soul (2006)

Download the Podcast!
Download the cue-sheet.

EDIT 27-5-2007: Re-recorded Fanta's tune with a real C64 equipped with a 8580 SID instead of using the HardSID (also with a 8580).
Mp3-file is updated. You might wanna download it again... if you wish.


Anonymous Fanta said...

nice selection of tunes like always BUT: the melody from 0:47 in desert dream part II is totally fucked up with stucks! should run on 8580 smoothly. update possible?

Blogger Scout said...

@Fanta: done!

Anonymous freQvibez said...

Hey scout,

thanks for another great episode! ;)

Although I had some problems with your cue sheet - it wont't play in Foobar2000 and also the track index times were wrong (guess because CDDA uses 75 frames per second). I recreated the cue sheet:


I'm also having problems with the iTunes playlist (it couldn't find the mp3s). Can iTunes really play files from ftp?



Anonymous yago said...

Great podcast, as always, scout

BUT please dont use 320kbps mp3, i have 3 portable mp3 players, and all suck at playing that high bitrate!
besides, such high bitrates makes mp3 a bit pointless...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for laxace by laxity! I t-o-t-a-l-l-y forgot about that great tune!
brings back heaps of memories!
cheers scout & keep up the good work! meer van dat! ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank for antoher episode, Scout, there is simply no music better suited for everyday coding @ work!! I appreciate the effort that you put in this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loading the episode doesn't work with iTunes :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to have them in 320kbps now!
Any chance of re-posting the JT liveset in 320kbps?
Also the version on 8bit mayhem seems a little to loud (recorder over 100% volume)....

Blogger Barss said...

All podcasts are great.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, it's December. How about some more updates?

Blogger Stijn said...

When will #13 be ready? :)

Anonymous Iggy D said...

Itunes feed doesn't work. Itunes can't find the files.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please update! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, give us more of the good stuff.

Puh-leez :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found this podcast.... any chance of a few new ones? Pleeeeease?

Anonymous Sam Delaurentis said...

I've just stumbled onto this site after looking through various SID websites and I think it is one of the best. Thanks for putting so much effort into these podcasts, and i hope you can keep it at 320 kbps. However if there are those whose media player can't handle it 192 kbps is a fair compromise.

Again sir, I appreciate your hard work.

Sam Delaurentis
sanija "at" iinet "dot" net "dot" au

Anonymous zenda said...

Hi Scout

Great episodes. Cannot load them in iTunes though. Had to DL them manually :-/


Blogger michitakem said...

Cool, looking forward to any new podcasts - love the SIDs!

Blogger michitakem said...

Sweet SID tunes, hope to see more updates!

- RM, C64 Walkabout

Blogger bob said...

Yo, I'm working on a documentary about Chiptunes for Solipsistic Nation ( How can I get a hold of you? I'm at

Blogger Mike said...

Need #13!! Need fresh meat!! :)
(Keep up the great work pleeeease! I love them all!)

Blogger Daryl said...

Has 8Bit-Mayhem became abandoned? Would be nice to see a Episode 13


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