Monday, January 30, 2006

Episode #3

8Bit Mayhem Episode #3 is finally here.
It took a while due to some personal stuff (boo!) and moving into another house (yay!).

Anyway, Episode #3 brings you some cool SID-sounds from the present and the past for your iPod, mobile phone, PC, home or car-stereo.
Yes, you can listen to them everywhere you want!

The SID's in every episode are recorded using the REAL appropiate (6581 or 8580) SID chip.
No emulators!

Tracklisting for this episode:

Drax - Hypersensational (2006)
Johannes Bjerregaard - Twilight Beyond (1988)
4Mat - Saturday (2001)
AMB - Codescratz (2001)
Link - Cosmic Frame (1990)
Yip - Scroll Machine (1986)
Fred Gray - Implosion (1987)
Fanta - I love my 64 (2005)

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