Saturday, May 06, 2006

Episode #6

Spring is really kicking in here in Holland.
The time of barbeques and sitting outside with a cold beer has arrived.
To make the feast complete, here's episode #6 of the 8Bit Mayhem Podcast!

Also a small note to the (ex-)sceners outthere:
From 13th till the 15th of October SCS+TRC, Xenon and Silicon Ltd. will be organizing X2006.
The X parties have gained their place in C64 history, the X parties are the oldest party to date.
They are a mixture of sceners, from old farts to new school, from coders to crackers coming from all regions of the world.
Also this year Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise has confirmed to do an exclusive live-site.
Link to the X-2006 site

Okay now... go leechin' & listen while I hop outside again to enjoy the weather =)


Lords of Sonics - Birthday (1988)
Softmaster/Union - Illusion (1990)
JCH & MSK/Vibrants - Accident (1990)
PVCF/Reflex - Mathematica (tune 2) (1995)
Steve Rowlands - Retrogade (Selector Tune) (1989)
Roel Bosch/Focus - Head & Hat (1991)
Bappalander/Light - Brutality (tune 4)(1991)
Linus/Triad - 8580 People (2005)
maktone/Fairlight - Dancin'(Axis of Evil) (2005)
Zardax/Origo Dreamline - Llatune (1991)

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