Friday, February 24, 2006

Episode #4

Another month, another 8Bit Mayhem Podcast!
First of all, I want to thank everybody for the compliments and support here in the comments, forums, in other podcasts, on IRC and IRL.
I can tell you this is an enormous motivation to continue with this podcast.

Within a few days, I'll add somesort of FAQ about this podcast, the SID-chip and the Commodore 64.
I hope that will answer some of the questions for the regular and new listeners.
If you have any questions, just mail them to 8bitmayhem{AT}gmail{DOT}com (don't forget to change {AT} and {DOT} into the @ and the . ;-)

Okay, and here we go!
Enjoy it y'all!

Tracklisting Episode #4

Rob Hubbard - I Ball (1987)
Ben Daglish - Hades Nebula (In-game tune) (1987)
Edwin van Santen/20CC - Eternal (1989)
Martin Walker - Dominion (1990)
Mark Clements - Quedex (1990)
Chris Huelsbeck - Ski Dance (1986)
Xayne - Whole R-Mosfets (1990)
Matt Gray - Dominator (Extended 8Bit Mayhem version) (1989)
Intensity - Sweet Alien (2003)

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