Friday, May 25, 2007

Episode #12 - Now in 320kbps!

On public demand, I've started encoding the podcast in 320kbps!

Also the iTunes link is fixed. Updating the podcast from iTunes is possible now. Yay!

I have to edit the XML-file myself though because FeedBurner doesn't support mp3-files hosted on a ftp-server. :-(
This means for the non-iTunes users the FeedBurner RSS-feed is unusable for automatic podcast download. So try to use this RSS-feed instead.

Anyway, thank you all for supporting this podcast!

Here it goes...


Lou Gray - Yakki Da (1988)
Metal - Sayonara (1990)
Jeff - Commodore 64 (2004)
Fanta - Desert Dream Part 2 (2007)
Aleksi Eeben - One For Reed (2006)
Fred Gray - Mutants (1987)
Laxity - Laxace (1987/88)
Orcan - A Demo Bit (1996)
Jammer - Latex Sensations (2004)
Reyn Ouwehand - Dutch Breeze, FLI Scroll part (1991)

Jeroen Tel - Sonic Soul (2006)

Download the Podcast!
Download the cue-sheet.

EDIT 27-5-2007: Re-recorded Fanta's tune with a real C64 equipped with a 8580 SID instead of using the HardSID (also with a 8580).
Mp3-file is updated. You might wanna download it again... if you wish.