Monday, September 25, 2006

Episode #10

Hello 8Bit Mayhem fans!

The 10th episode is here waiting for you to be listened.

I also added some links to the original demo where the original SID-tune came from.
This is for the people who don't believe the music is done on a ordinary C64 and also for everybody who like to watch demos.

Here we go...


Dane - Live Forever (2004)
Jens Christian Huus & MSK - Hawaii (1990)
Red - Rhaa Lovely II (1987)
Guy Shavitt - Vector Victory Main Tune (1990)
Deek - Quasar (199?)
Fred Gray - Hysteria In-game tune (1987)
Glenn Rune Gallefoss - GRG in Cyberspace (1999)
Ben Daglish - The Last Ninja - The Wilderness level (1987)
Steve Barrett - Ultimate Combat Mission (1988)

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