Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Episode #7 - A Tribute to Edwin van Santen

It seemed today would be just another day at the office but then I opened the Commodore 64 Scene Database and noticed a new topic about Edwin van Santen.
First a rumour but later it was confirmed; Edwin van Santen aka EVS/20th Century Composers passed away on May 24th, 2006 due to lungcancer at the age of 32.

The news was recieved almost a month later by the C64 Scene.
Edwin quitted the scene somewhere in 1994 and moved on as a hardcore techno producer and lost contact with the C64 scene.
I'm not that familiar with that side of techno but reading the responses on several forums he was a quite wellknown and successful producer.

Edwin is no more but his music lives on.
He meant a lot for the evolution of the demoscene and inspired dozens of people to start composing on the C64.
That's why I dedicate this podcast to him and his music.

I hope you enjoy this one.
Maybe you discover that he made that tune that you always whistled on the way to school back in the days...

Edwin, rest in peace!


1. So-Phisticated III (Part 3)
2. Eternal
3. Learn it the hard way
4. Big Fun Mix
5. Vlindertjes
6. Spijkerhoek
7. So-Phisticated III (Part 5)
8. Cyberfunk
9. Edwin's Dream
10. Amtrak
11. Phalanx
12. Somewhere Minor

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